What Is Depression?

Depression is an illness that affects a person’s mood, happiness and experience feelings that do not just go away. These feelings could be sadness, anxiousness and loss in confidence. Actually knowing if you have depression however can be quite hard, this is because everyone seems to have a bad day at some point during their life, but with depression the bad days are more often and can really be hard to live with. There are physical and emotional symptoms with depression and these can be hard to cope with.

When Does It Start?

The illness begins when we find out that you have Depression or Mental Health. Then you will be able to have a diagnosis and know whether you really have depression, anxiety or another mental health illness. This will then help you by knowing what your diagnosis is. You can then access information, support and knowledge as you will know what illness you have. Everyone with Mental Health experiences it at different times and for different reasons, no one has exactly the same reasons for their experience.

I Don’t Want To Talk Out

Many people with mental health worry a great deal about speaking out and admitting they have a mental health condition, this isn’t their fault but more because of the way they are perceived.

There seems to be a stigma around mental health, some people understand and want to help get the understanding in place for those who do not understand it, whereas some people cannot understand and worsen the stigma around mental health. However your main focus should be you and not the worry of those around you who don’t understand.

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Why Am I Depressed?

Sometimes in life, we all get unexplained things happen to us and other times, we may know the reason why these things happen to us. Depression, however has no exact trigger as everybody with the illness is different and has different reasons for feeling the way they do, for instance being sad can cause depression as can a certain trauma, but this doesn’t mean you had to have this occur to you, depression can just begin without a reason. Depression can stay with those who experience it for life, but for some people it isn’t that long, this is how depression changes, everybody is affected differently and has different ways of accepting or living with depression.


Am I The Only One?

The 1 in 4 people affected from depression during their lifetimes may ask this question and although it may seem like you are the only one sometimes, it is worth knowing you are not.

Depression generally affects 1 in 4 of us during our lifetimes. So it doesn’t affect all of us, however those who have or get depression may have feelings of being alone and isolated as few people get them. This can lead to feeling they are the only one.

So, no you are not the only one with depression, even though it may seem like you are sometimes, which means there are others who have similar stories you might feel some sort of comfort identifying, our founders for instance.


I Feel Different

Feeling different whilst having depression is very understandable. You might feel unrecognisable or different, but this is because you are going through a challenging time, a time that you need to focus on yourself and not on others. This may sound selfish, but you feel different because of how the depression is affecting you. You may be feeling agitation and become restless very quickly, or you may feel lethargy and not want to do anything even though you once were very motivated and wanted to do everything, this is why you may feel different, it is very common to feel different with depression.

You may notice your diet changing too, it may become increased or decreased, this is very likely with depression.