Avoid Comparisons

“Well you used to be happy, motivated and such a happier person!” Comparing a person with depression to how they once were is something that you should never make the mistake to do. Very often, people do try this and wonder why they get such an unwelcome reply, it is hardly surprising really, to be told what you already know is quite patronizing especially when suffering from an illness, it is best to leave the comparisons out. It is harder than you thought, unless you have experienced depression yourself, then you know what comparisons feel like and wouldn’t do it.

Be Patient

One of the greatest skills that needs to be offered here is patience! You cannot rush understanding depression and those experiencing depression simply cannot get better, everyone with depression has different time lengths to feeling better again, some have depression for life and never feel how they once did, some for a few weeks and others for a few years, it all changes so you can never really know when or if you will start to feel better.

Being patient can offer hope and show care to depression sufferers. They may feel wanted, involved and cared for, which is never a bad thing.