Symptoms of stress could include:

Physical Symptoms of stress could include:

-Constant Aches and Pains, you may be feeling more aches and pains in different parts of your body than usual, this could be a stress related symptom.

-Diarrhoea and Constipation are a symptom of stress and depression too, getting stressed or anxious can lead to both of these happening.

-Chest Pains and Tightness are likely to occur when getting stressed, especially if you suffer with depression. The constant worry of stress can increase chest pains and often make your chest tighter and breathing harder.

More symptoms are: loss of sexual activity, dizziness, increased chance to getting illnesses.

Cognitive Symptoms may include:

-An increase in worry, it is usual that stress makes you feel more worried and uneasy about certain areas of your life.

-Memory problems, stress can sometimes leave you feeling physically drained and with this, surfaces memory problems and forgetfulness.

-Not Focussed or having poorer judgement than usual really can be made visible with stress, this is due to worrying or stressing over another matter and being more concerned over that.

Other symptoms include: Anxiousness and Negative Thoughts.

More Symptoms

Behavioural Symptoms of Stress can involve:

-Nervous Habits such as pacing around your house or a certain area, tapping your foot and leg more and even nail biting.

-Increased Appetite: eating a lot more than you usually do or eating less, this can show stress and you may find that eating more is to help you with your emotions and ‘comfort eating’ is due to your stress.

-Change in your sleeping patterns, you may be sleeping too much or not enough, stress can sometimes keep you awake at night, along with anxiety and depression, other times you can sleep and not want to wake up and face the day.

More symptoms include: Isolating yourself from your usual friends and activities, increase in alcohol consumption and ignoring responsibilities.

And, Emotional Symptoms:

-Feeling depressed and unhappy with life in general can be caused from constant stress and worry.

-Moodiness, you might feel moody and angry constantly because of the stress you are experiencing.

-Agitated and unable to feel comfortable and relaxed. Perhaps something you once did isn’t as easy due to not being able to relax.

Further symptoms are: feeling left out, overwhelmed, irritable and short-tempered.

Stress Warnings

Stress may not give you notice when it is going to appear, it can just happen, so knowing the warning signs can and probably will help.

There are different ways that stress can affect you, from emotionally to physically to behaviour to cognitive symptoms. All of these signs and symptoms can help you detect your stress and maybe understand it.



Dealing With Stress

Stress can undeniably be damaging for both your physical and mental health, but you have more control over your stress levels than you may know. Unfortunately though, many people are too stressed and cannot cope with stress in ways that may help, such as seeking help. Some people with stress drink too much alcohol to delay their stress reaction and silence it somewhat at the end of a stressful day, others eat loads of comfort food, watch TV or sit on a computer for hours, use pills to relax, or relieve stress by taking it out on the ones most closest to them. There is, however, healthier ways to cope with stress and the affects and symptoms of it.

Since everyone has a unique response to stress, there is no “one size fits all” situation to understanding. What works for one person may not work for everybody, so it is important that you find a way to deal with stress and know what symptoms you may have from the four categories above. You may then be able to know your stress easier and what you can do to help control it.