We Aim To Help You Understand Depression And Not Feel Alone

Since January 2012, we have been supporting Mental Health, in particular depression. Our first step was building our website- . This website was our first one to be built after our founder’s annoyance at the lack of support and cutbacks that was occurring to Mental Health sufferers. Matt decided that he would use his own journey to supports others and has done since. As depression is quite a difficult illness to cope with, it is important to be able to go somewhere where somebody understands and can offer help. Our founder, Matt, has had depression since turning 14 years old, so he knows exactly how living with depression can affect you, your life and how others around you see you.

Beat Depression Together aims to offer the support and understanding of what depression is and the many effect that depression can cause to a person, such as: Low moods, isolation, loss in interests and hobbies, feeling alone, suicidal, unhappy with life and not feeling understood. These are often some effects that depression has on some sufferers, however as depression affects everybody who has it differently, the effects are not limited but more diverse than most understand.

As well as supporting those with depression, we aim to support a community, friends and families in understanding why their loved one may be ‘different’ to their once old self, maybe you don’t know how to approach depression? Or perhaps you feel you cannot cope with your loved one’s low moods, whatever your reason for needing help, we hope to assist. Since we started in 2012, we have helped hundreds of Teenagers/Young Adults and families, by providing support through our free email service and through our understanding, together we can beat depression by understanding it.

So if you’re just visiting the site for information or are in need of any help, do get in touch!

What Do We Stand For?

Here at Beat Depression Together, we believe that everyone with depression deserves to be understood and should not be worried about a stigma surrounding them. Unfortunately, there still is a great deal of stigma around depression and other related Mental Health illnesses, but this doesn’t mean depression sufferers are the ones to blame, the ones who create and cause the stigma are! After-all, depression isn’t chosen by those who are diagnosed and living with depression, it is an illness just like many other illnesses that have little stigma around, so it is time for the stigma to end and for the understanding to begin!

How We Help

Not having anywhere to turn or feeling alone is something that many people with depression feel. Those feelings are horrible and sure do drain a person physically, as well as mentally, so it is imperative that there is support and understanding provided and that is what we do! By offering knowledge and experience with depression, we can confidently help answer your questions, guide you with what to do if you are going through depression and offer great support way out of our website to get you professional help. We like to think we can support every individual who approaches us for help and knowing a great deal about depression helps us to do so.

Friendly Service

As we are a personal service, we offer a confidential yet honest approach to our users. We like to ensure that you get a friendly service and aim to reply to your queries as quickly as we can, you can also share your journey with depression on our ‘wall’, this gives you the chance to read about other real-life experiences of depression and not feel so alone.

We also have a blog for you to read which provides latest news and our opinions on the topics.