Bullying can be one of the reasons for Depression coming along, especially in the young and most vulnerable. There are some nasty people out there and people who claim to be ‘true’ friends but are not and only want to cause trouble. Matthew has experienced this ‘ill-feeling’, this can lead to Depression. Depression can also be caused through many others aspects; however controlling how you react to being a victim of Bullying could decrease your chance of suffering from Depression in a long run. Please don’t let bullying define you, speak up against it.

What is Bullying?

Bullying can happen in everyday life. It can happen at school, at the workplace or even at home. Bullying is not nice nor should it exist. However, it does sadly.

Bullying often occurs when a person is jealous of another person. They then become a bully and are really nasty towards the person they are jealous over. This is one form of what Bullying is.

Another form of Bullying is leaving somebody out. This form is often a common form and often people who are left out, do suffer from it. Often, there is no reason for them to be left out.

Why am I being Bullied?

Although Bullying should not be accepted, there are reasons why it happens. The first reason Bullying happens is because bullies may have had a tricky upbringing. Their parents/school friends may have bullied them and it has left them fragile and this is a cause for their bullying behaviour.

Bullying can also happen due to the appearance of somebody. Often bullies will discriminate against people that are different to them, larger people often are abused through name calling because of their size. But this should not happen because they are equal to us all. Size shouldn’t matter.