Teenage Depression Versus Me, The One Support Book That May Help You…

Experience the untold story of Matt Clifton, a sufferer of Depression, who is taking the stand to speak out about his experiences, the stigma and the lonely feelings having the illness can have.

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“I couldn’t understand why everyone thought that I was turning into a bad example or had bad health. My health was fine and I wasn’t going to let other people tell me different. I just couldn’t understand why it felt as if they all had it in for me. I wasn’t unstable and I wasn’t about to let my worries take over everything; at least I thought I could cope with them, but really couldn’t. My worries were mine alone and what they thought about me really didn’t bother me as I had learned the skill to ignore others. It is no skill though, rather a behaviour you learn to adapt in certain situations.”

The highly anticipated, moving journey of one man’s journey with Mental Health has finally been written and is available to buy! Matthew Clifton has had Mental Health, in particular – depression and anxiety, since 14 years of age and still has the illness now, but despite this, he is using his own journey to offer support and guidance to those who are going through Mental Health now. His journey has had many positives and negatives and continues, but one thing remains, his passion to get the understanding of Mental Health into society and to make everyone see that mental health isn’t a bad thing and should be understood a lot more than it currently is.

Teenage Depression Versus Me shares a very emotional, true-life story of one student, Matt Clifton and his battle with depression and anxiety. Launched in July 2014, Matt has gained a great fan base who support his passion and efforts to making depression more of a priority. He is completely open in his book and has shared emotion, regrets and much more in his book, from his suicide attempts to being isolated and bullied for being different, Matt doesn’t want to sugar-coat his depression as he feels it has made him who he is today and he cannot not be honest with his readers in his debut book.

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